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Classical Scholars is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence with a goal of seeing growth in each of our students. 

Our role is to support home schooling parents, the primary teacher of their children, with a unique classroom environment and opportunities to foster leadership.




Classical Scholar's approach to teaching is INTERACTIVE


  • Create projects full of vital information 

  • Present completed work to each other

  • Enter contests

  • Play review games

  • Work in small groups 

  • Participate in Socratic discussions

  • Participate in theatrical productions

  • We are a proponent of public speaking and believe when encouraged at a young age, children can be effective communicators in group settings.  

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7th and 8th grade girls in costume for

National History Day Competition

IMG_3404 (3)_edited.png

8th grade students ready for Mock Trial Competition

Classical Scholars began about 10 years ago as a family co-op and has developed and grown over the years into a vibrant homeschool community. Classes were first offered to homeschoolers in grades 6-8, and as needs changed over the past four years, we have added a high school program, and eventually upper elementary grades. 


Classical Scholars is not a school. We are a co-op community designed to support families as they homeschool. Parents are still responsible to comply with state laws including filing a notice of intent to homeschool, completing yearly testing, and maintaining attendance and vaccination records. For more information, please visit the NC DNPE. 


Classical Scholars families have access to events throughout the year, a member forum via the Homeschool Life portal, and other opportunities to connect and build community. 


Our classes provide quality education. Smaller class sizes allow for more interaction between students and teachers as well as more individualized instruction.  High School classes provide the credit hours needed when creating student transcripts. 

As an interdenominational Christian organization, Classical Scholars participants should understand each person has inherent worth and dignity and should be treated as such regardless of faith, worship, or religious tradition. 

Communication, resolution, and reconciliation are values at Classical Scholars that are taken very seriously. 


We welcome the opportunity to work with your family.



Eliza Hardin

Director, Classical Scholars



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