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Classical Scholars is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence with a goal of seeing growth in each of our students. 

Our role is to support home schooling parents, the primary teacher of their children, with a unique classroom environment and opportunities to foster leadership.




Classical Scholar's approach to teaching is INTERACTIVE


  • Create sketchpads full of vital information 

  • Present completed work to each other

  • Enter contests

  • Play review games

  • Work in small groups. 

  • Create a myriad of arts and craft projects

  • Participate in theatrical productions

  • We are a proponent of public speaking and believe when encouraged at a young age, children can be effective communicators in group settings.  

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7th and 8th grade girls in costume for

National History Day Competition

IMG_3404 (3)_edited.png

8th grade students ready for Mock Trial Competition

Classical Scholars limits class size to a maximum of 10-15 students.  For classes over 12, an assistant teacher may be added. Classical Scholars reserves the right to cancel a class if enrollment is less than 4 students.


Learning in a small classroom setting can be enjoyable and beneficial for students.  If students take two consecutive classes, they are welcome to stay in our location and bring lunch or a snack to have with friends. 


We welcome the opportunity to work with your family.



Eliza Hardin

Director, Classical Scholars



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