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2019 / 2020 SCHOOL YEAR

------------------------------------     FOREIGN LANGUAGES     ------------------------------------


First Form: 6th-8th grade.  

Instructor:  Rebekah Byrd. 

Textbook: First Form Latin, Memoria Press by Cheryl Lowe, student text (~$15), workbook (~$15).  Answer key supplied by the teacher.  Additional supplements: D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths (~$15) and Famous Men of Rome ($10).  


This course is an introduction to Latin and covers all 5 declensions, touches on 2 conjugations, exposes the student to a good amount of vocabulary, along with a bit of Roman history, culture, and mythology.  We will memorize two Latin prayers over the course of the year: The Lord's Prayer and the Table Blessing. One and a half hours weekly study outside of class.  Please direct questions to Rebekah at  



7th-8th graders

Instructor:  Janet Wilde  

This introduction will build a foundation upon which students can develop an interest and understanding of Spanish, giving them relevant tools to guide them into further language study. We will explore real-life vocabulary and language skills through oral, listening, reading, and written practice. Students will learn basic Spanish conversation, writing, and phonics through a combination of speaking activities, songs, games, and traditional methods. Materials needed: regular composition notebook, pencils, glue stick, scissors.  $10 supply fee per student.  Please direct questions to Janet at

------------------------------------     SCIENCES     ------------------------------------ 


7th-8th graders 

Instructor: Virginia Cooter

Lab supply fee is $20


Topics include metric measurements, the structure of matter, physical and chemical properties, Newton’s Laws of Motion, periodic table of elements, atoms, elements, and compounds, physical and chemical change, components in a chemical reaction, simple machines, transfers between electricity and magnetism, and forms of energy & transfer between energy sources. Class time will begin with background information where students will take notes and/or complete graphic organizers about the topic followed by experiments and group activities to reinforce concepts. Participation in our science fair is required which will necessitate work outside of class. Homework will be approximately 30 minutes per week.  Students will need a three-ring notebook with pockets, pencils, and paper.  Please direct questions to Virginia at


6th - 8th graders

Instructor:  Virginia Cooter

Lab supply fee is $20.

Topics include energy resources, minerals, rocks and rock cycle, plate tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes, climate, astronomy, and if time permits topographic maps. Class time will begin with background information where students will take notes and/or complete graphic organizers about the topic followed by experiments and group activities to reinforce concepts. Participation in our science fair is required if you have not done so in previous years which will necessitate work outside of class. Homework will be approximately 30 minutes per week.   Please direct questions to Virginia at



6th-8th graders

Instructor:  Traci Fleming 

Lab supply fee TBD.

This course provides a survey of all life.  Topics include cellular biology, genetics, taxonomy, botany, zoology, ecology, and human anatomy/physiology. Students will learn through experiments, lectures, discussions, dissections, and various hands-on activities.  Participation in our Science Fair is required if you did not participate in previous years.  Please direct questions to Traci at


6th -8th graders

Instructor: Traci Fleming

Lab supply fee TBD.

This course covers the fundamental aspects of five science subjects over the course of a year, using the text Exploring the Building Blocks of Science by Real Science 4 Kids.  The Building Blocks Series is based on an upward-spiral teaching method where the 5 core disciplines (chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy) are repeatedly visited and built upon over the year.  Students will gain laboratory skills doing “hands-on” experiments, experience collecting data, drawing and evaluating conclusions, and a deeper understanding by exploring connections between science and history, philosophy, technology, and critical thinking.  Please direct questions to Traci at


______________   MATHEMATICS   ______________



7th graders and up

Instructor: Sharman Norman


Pre-Algebra will cover the following topics - Rational Number and Equations, Proportions and Similarity, Linear and Nonlinear Functions, Two- and Three-Dimensional Space, and Statistics and Probability.  The students will complete assignments in the homework practice workbook in addition to teacher-made worksheets and tests. 




8th graders and up

Instructor:  Sharman Norman

Algebra I will cover the following topics - Expressions and Equations, Linear Functions, Polynomials and Nonlinear Functions, Radical and Rational Functions, and Data Analysis.  The students will complete assignments in the homework practice workbook in addition to teacher-made worksheets and tests. 

NOTE from Mrs. Norman -

Middle school math provides the skills and foundation needed for all future math classes. This math curriculum is both very challenging and rewarding as the students acquire new math skills and build upon existing ones. My goal is to provide children with needed skills, challenge them, and make them realize they CAN do math! 

My daily routine consists of reading out the answers to the homework and then answering questions and working problems until there are no more. To me, this is the most important part of class. Students have had a chance to work problems on their own and then can clear up any questions. Students need to be encouraged to ask questions and advocate for themselves! After answering questions on homework, I will basically divide the remaining time in half and then cover two lessons each day. I will present new material and let them start on their homework. This too is an important part of class because I can help them if they have questions. Students will always have homework, but it is possible they will complete it in class.


 **Please contact us to find out if your student is ready to take these classes at an earlier age

------------------------------------    WRITING    ------------------------------------


6th-7th graders

Girls and Boys (two separate classes):  

Instructor:  Eliza Hardin

Using five classic works of literature as a reference, students will learn to plan, write and revise. Skills covered will include reading for comprehension, quoting from sources, introduction to outlining, improving writing skills, recognizing setting, plot, theme and characterization, proofreading, poetry and oral recitation, art projects related to the literature, and writing short essays.  Students will complete multiple writing assignments. Each student will need a three-ring binder, access to word processing and internet and required books.  30-45 minutes of homework per week plus assigned reading.  Please direct questions to Eliza at



7th-8th graders

Girls and Boys (two separate classes)

Instructor:  Eliza Hardin.  

Using five classic works of literature as a reference students will learn to plan, write, and revise. Skills covered will include reading for comprehension, quoting from sources, citing sources, writing a thesis statement, and improving writing skills.  Students will complete multiple writing assignments, will answer document-based questions, and will practice taking notes from written and oral information.  This class will also include writing poetry, completing hands-on projects, and recitation. Each student will need a three-ring binder, access to word processing and internet and required paperbacks.  30-60 minutes of homework per week plus assigned reading.  Please direct questions to Eliza at 


8th graders and up

Instructor:  Eliza Hardin


Through the use of a combination of American Literature short stories and classics, primary sources, and historical reference books, students will study American History, U.S. presidents, American poets and artists, and U.S. geography.   It is my desire that students will see and understand how the works of great writers help to tell us the story of our great country.   Students will learn to take notes from lectures, outline chapters, and write document-based essays, as well as a literary analysis essay, persuasive essay, and a research paper.   There will also be time spent on learning to use logic to argue and persuade, with a focus toward an in-class Lincoln/Douglas style debate.  Skills covered will include a more in-depth focus on reading for comprehension and annotating, quoting from sources, citing sources, writing a strong thesis statement, improving writing skills, and developing style and voice.  This is a rigorous course with 1-2 hours of homework a week, at least 2 large projects, and an extensive parallel reading list.  Please direct questions to Eliza at

------------------------------------     HISTORY     ------------------------------------

American History/Writing III - please see class description in Language Arts category.


6th-8th graders

Instructor:  Traci Fleming


7th-8th graders

Instructor:  Anne Jensen

We will have many adventures on our journey through the Middle Ages as we travel with Augustine as he brings Christianity to Britain, cheer on Charlemagne as he is crowned as the Holy Roman Emperor, raid with the Vikings, trade with Marco Polo on the Silk Road, journey with pilgrims on the way to Canterbury, hide out with Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest, fight with knights on the Crusade, endure the Black plague, and sail with Columbus and other explorers around the world.  Hands-on activities, primary sources, timelines, engaging literature, and lively discussions will help us see patterns, make connections and organize information as we tackle this action-packed time in history.   Geography will be incorporated throughout the course as we explore
new regions and land formations.  Students will make a portfolio throughout the year to keep at the end of class. Booklist available under the class supplies tab.  Please direct questions to Anne at



6th-8th graders

Instructor: Ezra Hardin

We will dive into the wars, ideas, and people who have shaped our world.  This comprehensive course will cover the earliest people from Egypt, Greece, and Rome, then move on through a study of China and Japan, Germany, Russia, France, Britain, and America, exploring military development and warfare, politics, society, geography, and archaeology.  We will witness the rise and fall of empires, explore daily life and customs, and meet some of the most famous people of the time. Hands-on activities, games like Settlers of Catan and Bafa Bafa, primary sources, timelines, engaging literature, and lively discussions will help us see patterns, make connections and organize information as we travel back in time.  Students will make a portfolio with a timeline throughout the year to keep at the end of class.   Please direct questions to Ezra at


7th-8th graders

Instructor/Coach:  Eliza Hardin and Denise Riddle

Fall semester with competition in February and April.  This is an amazing opportunity for your students to compete against fellow middle schoolers from all over the state of North Carolina.  They can choose from an individual or group option, as well as performance, documentary, website, exhibit, or paper.  This competition fits all kinds of students and learning styles.   The next school year's theme for the competition is Communication in History.  Students will use the class time in the fall to prepare for the competition to be held in February, so they will still be able to participate in Shakespeare in spring as well if they want.   If you have questions please contact Eliza at   Also, consider viewing the sample videos on our Student Showcase page and check out the national website at  


     ------------------------------------     LANGUAGE ARTS     ------------------------------------



6th-7th graders

Instructor:  Michelle Wright

A comprehensive two-semester study with a sequential and systematic method of instruction using the following curriculum: Jr. Analytical Grammar (Book 1)/Mechanics (Book 2) and Framing Your Thoughts (a multi-sensory approach).  We will concentrate on the eight parts of speech, five-sentence patterns, and parts of a sentence in the first semester using book 1 and second semester we will focus on the mechanics of grammar using book 2. This engaging and interactive class will provide your student with a sound understanding of necessary language concepts including grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure which can be applied to their study of a foreign language, writing as well as editing.  Please direct questions to Michelle at 828-606-2212 or


**NOTE:  This class is great for those students who have had one year of Latin or for those who have had one year of Middle School Grammar.

7th-8th graders

Instructor: Michelle Wright

Morphology.  morph (Greek)-  means “shape, form” and –ology means “study of something”.  Therefore, morphology means the study of the form of words.  Students will be learning prefixes, suffixes, and some of the most important Greek and Latin roots as they study how words are formed.  Each lesson vocabulary words will be derived from a thematically organized word list.  Setting up the lessons by theme will help students to systemically file each new root(s) learned for the week.  Lessons will allow students to make connections between familiar words and new words to derive the meaning of each root.  To practice and apply learned information, students will use word squares, webs with roots, VENN diagrams, drawings, and many more activities.  Students will have exercises based on synonyms, antonyms, analogies, vocabulary in context to test students’ mastery of definitions.  Grades will be based on completed weekly assignments and class participation.   

Please direct questions to Michelle at 828-606-2212 or


     ------------------------------------     LOGIC     ------------------------------------


7th-8th graders

Instructor: Ethan Brown

This class will introduce the student to the concepts of logical thinking and will focus primarily upon the thinking mistakes that are called logical fallacies. The class is designed to be upbeat and fun, with humor used as a learning tool. The class will introduce the concepts of formal logic briefly, but the bulk of the class materials will focus on informal logic. The successful student will leave the class better prepared to evaluate his or her own thinking and the arguments of others for flaws, and better prepared to protect themselves from manipulation and deception.  Please direct questions to Ethan Brown at


8th-9th graders - 7th by permission from the instructor

Instructor: Ethan Brown

The ability to clearly and decisively make a point is tragically rare in our culture, and a young person who is able to do so stands out from his or her peers. The ability to set forward a series of thoughts that lead to a conclusion in a way that the listener or reader can follow will help a student in all academic disciplines. A person trained in logic will be better prepared to form thought clearly, which results in being better equipped to write, speak, think and plan across a broad range of topics. This class is an introduction to formal logic. It will focus upon the three acts of the mind in the formation of logical arguments: 1) understanding, 2) judgment, and 3) reasoning. The act of understanding will focus on the use of clearly defined terms, so that the one making an argument knows what he or she is talking about. The act of judgment is the evaluation of statements for their truth values. The act of reasoning is the ability to understand how truths interact together to form valid arguments. The successful student will leave the class with a strengthened ability to think and reason clearly, and with skills to perceive bad arguments and how to refute them. In the course of the study, we will also explore some of the works of the ancient philosopher Socrates as described in some of the dialogues of Plato. [Logic I is suggested, though not required for participation in Logic II this year].

Please direct questions to Ethan Brown at


------------------------------------     ART     ------------------------------------



6th-8th graders

Instructor:  Anne Jensen

Take a different spin on art as we study masters and how their methods changed the course of art as we know it.  We will first learn about the master artist and then practice their methods in the class as we create our own art using different mediums.  Group and individual art will be created as well as two and three-dimensional art. 

Please direct questions to Anne at

------------------------------------     DRAMA      ------------------------------------



6th-12th graders

Instructor/director:   Rebekah Byrd

Cost is $300 for the class.

Production will be a comedy, Twelfth Night, or What You Will.  Class is offered on Thursdays (Spring semester only)  Minimum of 15 actors, max of 30.  Rehearsals begin on January 7, 2021.  Extra rehearsals are required.  Production will occur in mid-May (TBA).  Cast will meet on December 5 for auditions and scripts.  Everyone has vacations and other events in their lives.  Please plan to submit conflicts in writing at Auditions. I will have a sheet with finalized dates for all rehearsals and performances.  After the casting is announced no new conflicts may be submitted.  

 Please direct questions to Rebekah at


------------------------------------     LIFE SKILLS     ------------------------------------


6th-8th graders

Instructor:  Anne Jensen

This class will focus on the skills middle-schoolers need now and in the future.  Life skills will include cooking and sewing skills; basic etiquette such as carrying on a conversation, answering the telephone, and thank you notes; household skills such as doing the laundry, ironing, grocery shopping, and fire safety.  There will be an economics component that will include budgeting, calculating unit rate, and checking accounts.  Please direct questions to Anne at


8th-12th graders (and tech-savvy 7th graders)

Instructor: Brian Keay

This practical computer course will help prepare your student for life in today’s technical world. We will cover basic computer skills and knowledge, including troubleshooting while working together in class with programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. We will also cover the basics of some Google G-Suite apps and integration/syncing such as Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Presentations, Gmail, Google Calendar, & Google Contacts.  The instructor will mirror his computer to a large screen TV so that students can observe, practice skills, and complete multi-stage projects using their own laptops. Invaluable  “learning by doing” projects via creative curriculum will include formatting documents in word processing software, developing PowerPoint presentations with graphics and animations, creating newsletters/flyers in Microsoft Word and/or Microsoft Publisher (if available with your Microsoft Office suite), exporting documents to Adobe pdf files, and simulating financial investing with Microsoft Excel that utilizes spreadsheet and database functions (collaborating in a team to make investment decisions and organizing investment data & formatting content in a report). This course may count for 1 high school credit.   Please direct questions to Brian at


------------------------------------     ROBOTICS     ------------------------------------


6th-8th graders

Instructor:  Marcia Torres

Understanding that children in the United States are behind many other countries in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education, I aim, through this class, to give the students a basic introduction to robotics and enough familiarity with the process that they will be comfortable taking these types of classes in high school and beyond.  We will explore both the hardware needed to perform tasks, as well as learn basic programming techniques.  Students will be paired up in class to build and program their robot to perform various tasks.  Challenges will increase in difficulty as the year progresses. Robotic equipment will not be sent home with the student. Limit:  10 students.   Please direct questions to Marcia at



7th and 8th graders

Coaches:   Marcia Torres/Eliza Hardin

Cost is $375 for this 21 week class.  

Students must have completed the Introduction to Lego Robotics class.  This is a rigorous program to prepare for the First Lego League Regional Competition in December.  Students will receive a challenge and then program robots to perform to meet the requirements.  A research project will also be assigned and presented by the team.  If our team qualifies for State competition in early February, second semester will be dedicated to that preparation.  If not, second semester will practice skills needed for another year of competition.  Please direct questions to Marcia at   


------------------------------------     GEOGRAPHY     ------------------------------------


6th-8th graders

Instructor: Ashley Brown

Geography is about so much more than lines on a map or globe; the various regions of our world contain people who experience life in very different ways. In an effort to bring global awareness to students, we will study the natural features of the continents around the globe, and examine many countries and their people. Students will discover how language, religion, the arts, government, history, and resources of a country give it a unique culture. This class will encourage inquiry-based learning through in-class work and activities, and project-based explorations for the covered countries. Homework will consist of completion of assigned mini-projects, averaging 2 hours per week. 

A supply fee will be charged.   Please direct questions to Ashley at

---------------------------------          ------------------------------------

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