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HS Algebra 1


Sharman Norman


Algebra I will cover the following topics - Expressions and Equations, Linear Functions, Polynomials and Nonlinear Functions, Radical and Rational Functions, and Data Analysis. The students will complete assignments in the homework practice workbook in addition to teacher-made worksheets and tests.

NOTE from Mrs. Norman -

Middle school math provides the skills and foundation needed for all future math classes. This math curriculum is both very challenging and rewarding as the students acquire new math skills and build upon existing ones. My goal is to provide children with needed skills, challenge them, and make them realize they CAN do math!

My daily routine consists of reading out the answers to the homework and then answering questions and working problems until there are no more. To me, this is the most important part of class. Students have had a chance to work problems on their own and then can clear up any questions. Students need to be encouraged to ask questions and advocate for themselves! After answering questions on homework, I will basically divide the remaining time in half and then cover two lessons each day. I will present new material and let them start on their homework. This too is an important part of class because I can help them if they have questions. Students will always have homework, but it is possible they will complete it in class.

**Please contact us to find out if your student is ready to take these classes at an earlier age


TI 83 or TI 84 plus calculator (must have by December)

Algebra 1 homework practice workbook- Merrill series. Publisher McGraw Hill
ISBN- 13.9780076602919

Sharman earned her Bachelor’s in Secondary Mathematics at UNC-CH. Then earned her Masters in Teaching at Appalachian State University. She taught at Hendersonville High School for 30 years. During her tenure, she taught all levels of math, primarily Algebra II and Pre-Calculus. And then taught middle school math 10 years at Immaculata Catholic School. While there, she taught 6th - 8th grade math including Pre-Algebra and Algebra I. She also taught at Classical Scholars one year. Sharman has homeschooled several students in Math I, II, and III, Algebra I and II and Geometry and continues to tutor all levels of math.

On a personal note, her husband and she have two adult children. Their daughter is a kindergarten teacher at Sugarloaf Elementary School and has three daughters ages 15, 13, and 11. Their son works at Arcadia University outside of Philadelphia. Her husband has also retired from teaching after 30+ years. They love to travel in their RV. She also enjoys reading.

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