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HS Conceptual Physics


Cindy Hyde


Conceptual Physics is a reduced-mathematical approach to teaching physics. With a strong conceptual foundation in physics, students are better equipped to later understand the equations and formulas of physics, and to make connections between the concepts of physics and their everyday world.

Topics covered include mechanics, matter, sound, light, heat, electricity, magnetism, special relativity, and nuclear physics. Emphasis will be on conducting laboratory experiments during class time.

This class is appropriate for any year in high school and some educators advocate teaching physics before biology and chemistry.


Conceptual Physics: The High School Physics Program by Paul G. Hewitt (provided)
Supplies: $70

Cindy Hyde has become focused on teaching chemistry and physics, but she has experience in cardiopulmonary technology, nursing, homeschooling all twelve grades, tutoring dyslexic students, and achievement testing. She has degrees in biology, nursing, and education but continues to learn something new every day! She is married to Kevin and has two grown children that received full academic scholarships. James is a bioengineer for Gore in Flagstaff AZ, and Bethany is a data scientist for Johnson & Johnson in Somerville NJ. See for more details and contact her at

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