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HS Creative Writing


Natalie Callahan


Whether students are new to creative writing or want to experiment with unfamiliar forms, this course is an opportunity to explore writing as a form of art and personal expression. In this year-long course, students will experiment with various forms of poetry and fiction, such as erasure, ekphrastic, prose, persona, micro and hybrid fiction, magical realism, and personal research essay. To generate original writing pieces, students will review professional writing samples, participate in literary development lessons, practice prompts and writing exercises, engage in writing workshops, and peer/instructor reviews. The course will culminate in a final portfolio and a short reflective essay. Additionally, in the final weeks of the second semester, the class will design, edit, and contribute original writing pieces to create a literary magazine. Essential to this course is an openness to take creative risks and a willingness to have some fun.


Binder with pocket dividers and paper, pens/pencils, a notebook or journal. No textbook. Instructor will provide handouts.

Natalie Callahan holds degrees from St. Louis University (BA) and the University of North Carolina-Wilmington (MA). Currently, she is an MFA student in the low-residency writing program at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. Natalie has lived in Hendersonville, NC, since 2011. During the past decade, she was a homeschool parent to her youngest son (now a junior at NCSSM) and has been active in serving the community as a volunteer liaison and board member at Flat Rock Playhouse, a volunteer tutor for Blue Ridge Literacy Council, and a volunteer in various capacities at her church. Fun facts—Natalie apprenticed for a few exciting months with a chef, earned a yoga teaching certificate, and frequently talks to her two pugs who appear interested.

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