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HS Dystopian Literature- SPRING SEMESTER


Cybele Hetherington


I will be offering a one-semester, seminar-based class in which we discuss five classic dystopian novels. We will explore the theme of totalitarianism, both as a form of government and as a cultural construct. Students will be required to read at a high level and be ready to explore challenging content. Classes will be primarily discussion based, and each student will prepare a 5-page comparison-contrast essay based upon the works covered. Animal Farm: George Orwell. 1984 :George Orwell. Brave New World: Aldous Huxley Darkness at Noon: Arthur Koestler. That Hideous Strength: C.S Lewis.


Here are the final books for Dystopia. I will provide copies of other books if a student wishes to take on more challenge with the comparison-contrast paper.
These are all relatively recent editions. Here is an Amazon link to three of the four to make it easy:
They are also all available at Mr. K's in the student section.

Lord of the Flies
William Golding

Brave New World
Aldous Huxley
Harper Perennial
ISBN: 0-06-085052-3

George Orwell
Signet Classic

Animal Farm
George Orwell
Signet Classics

Cybele Hetherington has 20 years of experience as a homeschool educator, organizer, and mentor. Her educational philosophy is firmly rooted in self-discipline and personal responsibility, with the goal of
preparing students to be ready participants in the tradition of enlightened inquiry.

Undergraduate: College of Charleston and Tulane University. B.S. In Anthropology with focus in
Linguistics. Minor in Classics.

Graduate: Duke University PhD. Program. Course work toward degree in Linguistics

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