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HS Foundational Biology


Eliza Hardin


This class is first and foremost an approachable and readable explanation of the basics of biology. Using analogies, anecdotes, and simple, personable language, students learn the bottom-line themes and key details of biology. The Riot and the Dance is not a pile of disconnected facts: it is an integrated foundation for understanding biological life, and it will stir up curiosity about all life from fungus firearms to familiar vertebrates—that, along with a greater desire to praise the Creator of it all.

This will include labs.


The Riot and the Dance Textbook (ISBN-10: 1-59128-123-7, ISBN-13: 978-1-59128-123-8)
Microbe Hunters by Paul de Kruif (ISBN-10 : 0156027771, ISBN-13 : 978-0156027779)
2 inch 3 ring binder with tabs
Large sketchbook or sketchpad for labs

Eliza holds dual degrees in English from King University and in Elementary Education from Western Carolina University. She is also a certified teacher in the State of North Carolina. She taught for three years in the public school system and has been homeschooling for eight years now. She has 3 boys, Ezra, 18, Cyrus, 15, and Jonah, 13. Prior to Classical Scholars, Eliza ran Classical Foundations for three years, where she offered classes two days a week to homeschoolers in grades 3-5. She is also a native of Hendersonville, and when she isn't teaching she enjoys reading, knitting, and spending time with her family.

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