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HS Latin 2


Andrew Hamaker


A second-year high school course. Students continue to develop their grammar skills by learning subjunctive and imperative verbs; comparison of adjectives and adverbs; relative, interrogative, and demonstrative pronouns; the major types of dependent clauses; and more. Students also expand their knowledge of Roman culture, with an emphasis on Roman religion. Readings may include some Latin poetry and selections from the Bible. 3-4 hours of work outside class weekly.


*Henle Latin First Year (0829410260)
*Henle Grammar (978-0829401127)
-Notebook or binder for taking notes
-Plenty of pens or pencils

*Please purchase the textbooks using the ISBN in parentheses. Note that we use the exact same textbooks for Latin I and Latin II.

Andrew has lived in Asheville since he was 11 years old. He grew up homeschooled and was a particularly high performer in high school Latin classes. In 2014, he graduated from Union University with a B.A. in English and a minor in Music. Currently, he also works part-time at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Asheville. He has taught homeschool classes since 2016.

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