HS Studio Art - Decorative Designs with Clay- FALL


Caroline Hernasy


Learn the basics of working with clay to produce decorative pieces. This class begins with a review of sculpting with clay, discussion on why making the world more beautiful is part of God’s plan, how and where artists find inspiration for their projects, and a look at masterpieces of sculpture (statues, pottery, tiles, etc.) Students will then produce three projects: Two pattern tiles (subtracting clay), and a sculpture. Students will be required to follow the creative process beginning with searching for inspiration, creating a rough concept sketch for each project, forming their clay piece and finally using acrylic paint to color it, if desired. Students will present each project in class for discussion and critique - an essential part of the design process and necessary for the growth of artistic skill.

**If you have any questions, contact me at: northcaroline@icloud.com


1 box of clay
Clay sculpting tools
Vellum paper pad
Sketching pencils and hand-held eraser
Acrylic paint set and brushes (optional)


Please contact me and request a supply cheat sheet which has photos of materials needed, prices, and where to purchase.

Caroline is a multimedia artist. Most of her work current work is with digital illustration but in the past has also included videography. In the past, she worked as a graphic designer for advertising agencies and newspapers. You can see some of her work at portfoliohernasy.com
She believes that all creative impulses happen because we are made in the image of the great Creator, the master Artist who wants us to flourish and embellish the world with beauty.
​Making art is what she loves to do most and she enjoys passing on the ability to use the tools that she uses to make art, to inspire others to see where they will take their creative aspirations. Her other favorite subjects of interest are history and Biblical studies. She has two grown sons who were homeschooled (now both in the Army). For two years her family belonged to the St Dominic Homeschool co-op and she taught history and worldview studies to high schoolers, as well as helping to paint the backdrops for the Shakespeare plays. Caroline coached her oldest son in making a National History Day documentary which placed 5th at the national competition in Washington D.C. and won the prize for best use of newspaper resources.
Caroline is a self-taught digital artists who, for the “fun” of it, is working towards a B.F.A in Graphic Design at Liberty University. Married 25 years. Native New Yorker but living in NC for the past 15 years.