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HS World Religions and Worldview


Kelsey Reed

10th-12th Grade

What is it that others around us believe? How do these beliefs inform and guide the way others live? Are the religions around about us essentially similar as is so often claimed—or are there significant differences that need to be noted? This course is designed to help students become more familiar with the nine major world religions/worldviews. This course aims to increase student’s capacity to relate peacefully, cooperatively, and evangelistically with the adherents of other religious traditions.


Required Materials, Resources, and Supplies:

Stephen Prothero

God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World ISBN: 978-0061571282

Electronic device with internet capabilities

Word-processing software

Composition book (marbled, college-ruled)
Ruler, Colored pens/pencils/highlighters
Library card/access

Mrs. Reed, who will be teaching World Religions and Worldviews for the 2021/22 academic year, received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Liberal Arts from Colorado State University, minoring in both French and Spanish, in which she is fluent. She began her studies at Covenant Theological Seminary in 2009, studying alongside of her husband who trained there to be a pastor and completed his degree in 2011. After a seven-year hiatus from graduate work, during which time she taught and tutored incoming freshman at the University of South Carolina, Sumter, she picked up her studies again in 2018. She graduated in May 2019 with an M.A., having benefited greatly from courses in reformed theology, educational theory and practice, religion, and culture. A lover of literature, language, food, travel...Kelsey has a difficult time narrowing her field of interest. Instead, she enjoys feasting at the smorgasbord of human expression in this world, helping draw others to the feast, and wondering in awe at the magnificent mind of the Creator. Her delight is to both “affirm and challenge” what can be observed in the world through a Christian framework and to equip her students to do so as well. God created man and all of this universe, naming it as “very good”; where have we strayed from his goodness to try to redefine it on our own terms? What does it look like to faithfully pursue the pathway back to his good design? Kelsey also teaches at Blue Ridge Community College at the Transylvania County Campus. She lives in Brevard with her husband, Chip, and their three daughters (McKenna - 16, Murrin - 14, and Maeya - 6) with whom they seek to share their passion for learning and delighting in this diverse world - and particularly in the One who made it.

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