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MS Geography- An Exploration Around the World


Ashley Brown


Geography is about so much more than places on a map or globe; the various regions of our world contain people who experience life in very different ways. In an effort to bring global awareness to students, we will study the natural features of the continents around the globe, and examine many countries and their people. Students will discover how language, religion, the arts, government, history, and resources of a country give it a unique culture. This class will encourage inquiry-based learning, and class discussions. Weekly homework is to answer an assigned question relevant to the country studied that week. One project will be assigned per continent to be completed over several weeks.

A $10 supply fee will be charged. Please direct questions to Ashley at


No textbook is required. A binder is needed for class handouts, maps and homework.

Ashley Brown: With a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, and 20 years of design work of various types, Ashley has a love for visual communication. She has worked in advertising, product development, packaging design, brand identity, event planning, and taught graphic design/art at the college level. She loves planning and research, and making things beautiful. Ashley grew up moving frequently, and developed a love for travel and discovering new people and places, and she delights in sharing the wonder of our big world with students. Ashley and her husband Ethan are homeschooling their three children as they work with a local church.

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