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MS Grammar


Michelle Wright

6th-8th Grade

A comprehensive two-semester study with a sequential and systematic method of instruction using the following curriculum: Jr. Analytical Grammar (Book 1)/Mechanics (Book 2) and Framing Your Thoughts (a multi-sensory approach). We will concentrate on the eight parts of speech, five-sentence patterns, and parts of a sentence in the first semester using book 1 and second semester we will focus on the mechanics of grammar using book 2. This engaging and interactive class will provide your student with a sound understanding of necessary language concepts including grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure which can be applied to their study of a foreign language, writing as well as editing. Please direct questions to Michelle at 828-606-2212 or


Jr. Analytical Grammar: Student Workbook (yellow) and Jr. Analytical Grammar: Mechanics- Student Workbook (orange) can both be purchased through publisher,,, or

Michelle graduated cum laude with a B.S. from North Carolina State University and obtained her Associate and Advanced Level Orton-Gillingham certification from Key Learning Center in Asheville, NC. God has blessed Michelle with two wonderful children, each with their own learning styles. Her daughter was diagnosed with Auditory Processing and Expressive Language Disorder, which led her to teach from home. Using her training in OG gave her the awesome opportunity and knowledge needed to teach her daughter, as well as her son, who also benefited from a multisensory structured approach to learning. Now, after homeschooling for the past eight years, Michelle looks forward to using her experience to teach others. Along with teaching, she works part time at their family jewelry business handling the finances. When Michelle is not teaching or working, she enjoys spending time outdoors or curled up by the fire reading.

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