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MS Intro to Spanish


Janet Wilde

7th-8th Grade

This introduction will build a foundation upon which students can develop an interest and understanding of Spanish, giving them relevant tools to guide them into further language study. We will explore real-life vocabulary and language skills through oral, listening, reading, and written practice. Students will learn basic Spanish conversation, writing, and phonics through a combination of speaking activities, songs, games, and traditional methods.


scissors, pencils, glue stick, colored pencils/crayons

There is a $5 materials fee for the hardback notebook that we create during the year.

Being half-Cuban, Janet Wilde grew up speaking Spanish. She earned a B.A. in Spanish Education from Clemson Univ., and a Master’s of Library Science from Univ. of SC. Janet has taught Spanish at the elementary and high school levels, and has served as a Spanish interpreter in various fields. She enjoys spending time with the Lord and her family and friends, reading and rescuing old books, blogging, cooking and baking, homeschooling her two girls, doing genealogy research, watching her girls play tennis, and leisurely perusing thrift shops and antique stores.

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