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MS Marine Science


Traci Fleming


This course will explore the largest part of Earth, its oceans and the life within. Topics include the ocean environment, marine organisms, and marine ecosystems. Students will learn through experiments, lectures, discussions, dissections, and various hands-on activities. There is a $20 lab fee for this course.


Ocean: A Visual Encyclopedia

ISBN: 1465435948

Free Download:
**For reference only, no need to print the booklet. Specific pages will be used in class and as homework and will either be looked at online or printed out by the teacher.

Notebook with 7 dividers

Lab Fee $25.

Traci Fleming has a BHS in Health and Nutrition. She is a Registered Dietitian and has worked at AdventHealth for 15 years as a Clinical Dietitian. Traci started homeschooling her oldest son 10 years ago and has been homeschooling in various capacities since then. She has taught in may different settings both professionally and personally, from cardiac rehab classes to homeschool enrichment classes. She has 4 children, Elijah (16), Anna (14), Jude (12), and Lucy (10).

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