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MS Physical Science


Virgina Cooter

7th-8th Grade
Lab supply fee is $20

Topics include metric measurements, the structure of matter, physical and chemical properties, Newton’s Laws of Motion, periodic table of elements, atoms, elements, and compounds, physical and chemical change, components in a chemical reaction, simple machines, transfers between electricity and magnetism, and forms of energy & transfer between energy sources. Class time will begin with background information where students will take notes and/or complete graphic organizers about the topic followed by experiments and group activities to reinforce concepts. Participation in our science fair is required which will necessitate work outside of class. Homework will be approximately 30 minutes per week. Students will need a three-ring notebook with pockets, pencils, and paper. Please direct questions to Virginia at


Students will need a three-ring notebook with pockets, pencils, and paper.

Also, those completing a science fair project will need materials to complete the project and a display board.

Lab supply fee is $20 and should be given directly to the instructor

Textbook that might useful as a reference is Physical Science published by Holt ISBN 9780030462283 copyright 2007. Currently free 2005 version download at Required if taking the class for high school credit. Cost is about $10.

“The Mystery of the Periodic Table?” Benjamin D. Wiker ISBN 1-883937-71-X copyright 2003.

“The Story of Inventions” second edition by Frank R. Bachman ISBN 978-1-932971-20-0 copyrights 1992, 2008

Virginia Cooter has a BS in General Science (East Tennessee State University) and a MA in Curriculum and Instruction (Texas A & M). Recently retiring after 38 years of full time teaching in 6th grade thru college classes, Ms. Cooter has teaching experience in Physical Science, Earth Science, Environmental Science, General Science, Pre-algebra, Algebra, and Science Methods. She has coordinated and/or directed science fairs in Tennessee, Texas, and Nebraska. Although she has been awarded several honors, including Earth Science Teacher of the Year for the Southeastern United States, her greatest pleasure is developing an awe in students as they observe God’s world.

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