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MS World History -20th Century WWI - Vietnam War


Yvonne Krowka

6th-8th Grade

This is a survey of modern history from a global perspective. Students learn that the people of the world have many stories and that each one is significant and requires thoughtful consideration. Students will develop their ability to apply the concepts of historical thinking in order to deepen their understanding of the peoples, events, and forces they are studying. They will also develop their ability to apply the historical inquiry process, gathering, interpreting, and analyzing historical evidence and information from a variety of primary and secondary sources in order to investigate and reach conclusions about a wide range of historical issues, developments, and events. The focus of this class will build on earlier studies of World History to understand the changes brought on during the 20th century and how economics and technology changed the world. Coursework will focus on analysis of different perspectives for a global viewpoint as we look into events from WWI through the Vietnam conflict.


It will be important that you bring a laptop/Chromebook/tablet to class each week. Materials will be presented on Google Classroom using Google Slides, YouTube videos, and other electronic links. Having these materials available for your weekly assignments as well as to keep up with my explanations will be important. All homework will be done on shared Google Docs and/or Google Forms. If you are not familiar with this method we will be going over details and expectations during our class time. If any additional resources are required I will give students ample time before they are needed in class.

I have enjoyed 30+ years of teaching in situations from one-on-one to large public schools! Teaching through the coop is certainly a pleasure. I have a BA and MA with post graduate hours totally at least 30 but no desire to attempt further degrees. I love teaching and most recently have taught science and social studies classes including competition levels in both subject areas. We are transplants from northern IL and have children in NC, IL, and Estonia - giving us opportunities to explore the mountains and trails as well as travel (when Covid settles down!) Thank you for the opportunity to share my passion to never stop learning.

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