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UE World Cultures


Katie Dugdale

4th-5th Grade

Six continents . . . countless cultures. This course will provide students the opportunity to catch a glimpse into the world through Geography, Social Studies, Science, and History. We will utilize map studies, note booking, read alouds, and other fun hands-on activities. Learn what makes each country unique, including pastimes, favorite foods, religion, population, ethnic groups, geography, languages spoken, holidays, music, and more. We will be spending four to six weeks on each continent. Students will also have a chance to research the country or culture of their choice and present it to the class.


Students will need a 3- ring binder with 6 dividers and notebook paper, a pack of colorful highlighters, and a pencil.

Katie Dugdale, her husband, and four children live in Hendersonville. Katie has a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC. She has worn many hats including teacher, administrative assistant, cake decorating instructor, and graphic designer. She served for 6 years on the board of the Henderson County Homeschool Association as Activities Director, Treasurer, and Secretary. Katie has also worked in youth ministry at Grace Blue Ridge Church in Hendersonville for the last three years.

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