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HS AP Psychology


Mark Watman


Advanced Placement Psychology is the equivalent of the college, Introduction to Psychology course. Topics covered include Scientific Foundations of Psychology, Biological Basis of Behavior, Sensation and Perception, Learning, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Motivation, Emotion and Personality, Clinical Psychology, and Social Psychology.

At the conclusion of the course, in the Spring, students will be able to take the national AP Psychology Exam. Many colleges accept the test scores and give them college credit for this class.
Class sessions will include lecture, discussion, video review, textbook reading and analysis, unit tests and several written assignments. Students will receive a final grade for the class. Leading up to the exam date there will be review sessions and students will have the opportunity to take previous exams for practice.


Computer with internet access

I plan on using the Myers text, Psychology for the AP course 3rd edition Worth publishers I am still waiting for details from the publisher reps for details for renting or getting the online version details.

Link for the text:

As a supplementary study aid, I highly recommend a book available online that is very inexpensive: AP Psychology Crash Course by Larry Krieger. Published by REA, 2017. There are other study guides available for purchase and they will be noted in the syllabus.

I will include this with my syllabus that I hope to email to the enrolled students before the class begins on 8/19

Mark Watman: BA psychology, BS physical education, MA psychological counseling
Before moving to the Asheville area, Mark was a high school teacher and college instructor. At his high school he taught Psychology, AP Psychology, Health Education and Physical Education. As a college instructor he taught a variety of undergraduate psychology courses as well as sociology and education classes. He also designed and taught 2 psychology courses for the OLLI program for seniors. Mark also coached high school gymnastics and fencing. (a number of his fencers were home schoolers who trained and competed with his high schoolers).

Currently Mark is a substitute teacher in the Buncombe County Schools (all grades and classes) as well as at Art Space Charter School and French Broad Academy for Girls.

Mark has been married to his wife Beth for 46 years. They have 3 grown children and 7 grandchildren. They have traveled extensively throughout the US and internationally.

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