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HS 9th Grade Composition (FALL SEMESTER)


Cybele Hetherington


This foundational class develops essential writing skills necessary for further academic work.
Students will master three styles of essay: five paragraph argument, comparison/ contrast, and personal

Each student will receive extensive personalized feedback and editorial assistance throughout every
step of this process. By the end of the semester, students will be competently and confidently editing
their own work, preparing them for sophisticated college-level writing.

Using MLA style, students will learn the basics of format and citation. Additionally, we will cover the
twelve most common English grammar/ usage errors, with weekly challenges to edit these errors from
both written work and conversation.


Good size spiral notebook for writing in class

Cybele Hetherington has 20 years of experience as a homeschool educator, organizer, and mentor. Her educational philosophy is firmly rooted in self-discipline and personal responsibility, with the goal of
preparing students to be ready participants in the tradition of enlightened inquiry.

Undergraduate: College of Charleston and Tulane University. B.S. In Anthropology with focus in
Linguistics. Minor in Classics.

Graduate: Duke University PhD. Program. Course work toward degree in Linguistics

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