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HS Environmental Science


Yvonne Krowka


A year-long curriculum combining in-class studies with outdoor training in ecology and natural resource management emphasizes teamwork and higher order thinking skills such as analysis and interpretation. This course works to develop environmentally aware citizens who are able to assume future leadership roles. Subject areas studied are: Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Soils and Land Use, Wildlife and Current Environmental Issues.

Students learn soil structure, interpret maps, and evaluate land forms, and soil charac- teristics that affect urban and agricultural land issues. The students will gain an understanding of what an important ecosystem lies below the surface.
Students study marine and freshwater ecology to assess the quality of delicate aquatic eco- systems. They also learn to identify aquatic organisms, manage watersheds, and deter- mine non-point source pollution.

Students develop an understanding of the practices for maintaining healthy forest eco- systems. They learn the basics of species identification, forest structure and dynamics as well as management approaches.

Students learn firsthand from wildlife experts about animal populations, their dy- namics, and the im- portance of habitat conservation. Learn identification skills used by wildlife re- source professionals.
Challenged by field professionals, stu- dents work as a team to explore the facets of the current environmental is- sues and illustrate the complexity of real-life environ- mental decisions.


All curriculum materials will be provided as Google Docs - students may print materials if they prefer hard copy to digital. Possible field trips to local resources that enable hands-on access to macro-invertebrates, tree identification, and wildlife materials dependent on Covid restrictions.
It will be important that you bring a laptop/Chromebook/tablet to class each week. Materials will be presented on Google Classroom using Google Slides, YouTube videos, and other electronic links. Having these materials available for your weekly assignments as well as to keep up with my explanations will be important. All homework will be done on shared Google Docs and/or Google Forms. If you are not familiar with this method we will be going over details and expectations during our class time.

I have enjoyed 30+ years of teaching in situations from one-on-one to large public schools! Teaching through the coop is certainly a pleasure. I have a BA and MA with post graduate hours totally at least 30 but no desire to attempt further degrees. I love teaching and most recently have taught science and social studies classes including competition levels in both subject areas. We are transplants from northern IL and have children in NC, IL, and Estonia - giving us opportunities to explore the mountains and trails as well as travel (when Covid settles down!) Thank you for the opportunity to share my passion to never stop learning.

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