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HS French 1


Kelsey Reed

This is an active class that gives the beginning student the vocabulary necessary to communicate on a basic level with French speakers on a variety of familiar subjects such as school, home, activities, etc. The student will learn how to formulate sentences and dialogues through listening, speaking, reading and writing. Cultural activities will accompany language lessons to acquaint students with food, artistic expression, and diversity of the French- speaking world.


Required Materials:
Textbook: Bien Dit French 1, (Holt/McGougal) 1st edition, 2013 update
(I will be using the first edition as it is easy for students to get their hands on used books)

1 College-ruled, “marbled” Composition book for notes
1 (separate) college-ruled, “marbled" composition book for vocabulary
Pens of a variety of colors

Recommended Materials:
3x5 cards for flashcards
A hard copy (not online) French to English/English to French Dictionary (I recommend Collins/Robert - also easy to find used)

Mrs. Reed is a recent graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary where she completed studies on education, religion, and culture. A lover of literature, language, food, travel...Kelsey has a difficult time narrowing her field of interest. Instead, she enjoys feasting at the smorgasbord of human expression in this world, wondering in awe at the magnificent mind of the Creator. Her delight is to both “affirm and challenge” what can be observed in the world through a Christian framework and to help others to do so as well. God created man and all of this universe, naming it as “very good”; where have we strayed from his goodness to try to redefine it on our own terms? What does it look like to faithfully pursue the pathway back to his good design? Kelsey also teaches and tutors at Blue Ridge Community College at the Transylvania County Campus. She lives in Brevard with her husband, Chip, and three daughters, with whom they seek to share their passion for learning and delighting in this diverse world - and particularly in the One who made it.

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