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MS Art- Master Artists


Anne Jensen


Take a different spin on art as we study masters and how their methods changed the course of art as we know it. We will first learn about the master artist and then practice their methods in class as we create our own art using different mediums. Group and individual art will be created as well as two and three dimensional art.


*$15 to cover the cost of general art supplies
*you will also be asked to bring in some random home items though out the course!
*blank sketch book for student notes and art

Please direct questions to Anne at

Anne is a mother of 3 children with 11 years of homeschooling experience. She graduated from Appalachian State University with a BS in Applied Communication with a minor in Technology focusing on pottery and woodworking. She worked as an event coordinator before becoming a mom. Anne’s passion for art began as a child and continued as she studied art throughout all her years of education. She has taught private art lessons and enjoys inspiring the love of art in others. She has taught Introduction to Art, Master Artist Study, Middle Ages History and Shakespeare Design Team.

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